Company's profile

Battery service Slovakia, s.r.o. is the service and trade business company operating in area of the telecommunication technologies, electric equipment, control technology, power and standby power supplies.

Our company was established established in 2002 with foreign business partner membership.

Portfolio of offered services:

  • installation, removal and service of batteries, prophylactic tests of stationary batteries including revisions of rectifiers, revisions of stationary batteries/revisions of rectifiers and revisions of stationary batteries/
  • installation and repairs of electric machinery and equipment /electric machines/
  • installation, repairs and maintenance of telecommunication equipment /telecommunication equipment/
  • installation, repairs and maintenance, professional inspection and tests of electric equipment /electric equipment/
  • installation and repairs of measuring and control technology /measuring and control technology/
  • construction electro installation /construction electro installation/
  • management of technical, technological and energetic equipment projects and supporting documentations /documentation, technical, technological and energetic equipment/
  • dangerous waste treatment
  • intelligent houses area focused on proposal/technical visualization, realization and systems of intelligent houses maintenance
  • optical networks